Besides other provided services, Oil products transportation is the key business of Prime Shipping in both domestic and overseas markets.


A fleet of tankers from 7,000 to 45,000 DWT and LPG carriers, being in good technical condition and accepted by many Oil majors terminals, is very consistent to obtain different internal and external shipment demands flexibly, especially in cargo sizes and transport route of our valued Customers.


The fleet expansion and rejuvenation are kept going on in order to meet transport demands which are increasingly diverse and strict of Customers, to overtake the market  trends and catch up new opportunities in the future.


With a proven track record, we have established strategic partnerships with various reputable local petroleum companies such as: Petimex, Pvoil, Saigonpetro, Binh Son Refinery, Vinapco, Mipec, etc.


Not only domestic Clients, We have developed expressly close relationships with foreign partners. As of now, a numberous Oil Majors have become our intimate Customers like Shell, Chevron, Exxon, Petronas, PTT, Unipec, Vitol, Sinopec, Vietsea,…


For Prime Shipping, maritime safety, environmental friendliness and reputation of service quality, are our prior factors and core competitiveness. With professional Management team and Workforces, we commit to deliver the best services with competitive price and absolute satisfaction to our valued Customers.