The first line of oil exploitation in mines Dong Do


Dong mine operators first oil flow On 7/07, Dong Do rigs exploitation of mines cluster Thang Long - Dong Do, located in Lot 01-97 & 02-97 have the first oil flow (First Oil).


This is a project by the operator Lam Son JOC (LSJOC), in which the Corporation Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (PVEP) participation of 50% and Petronas of Malaysia participated in 50%, as an investor.


Mine whole project clusters Thang Long - Dong Do comprises 22 development wells, two wellhead platform (WHP) at Thang Long and Dong mine, 1 FPSO processing capacity of 18,000 barrels / day and 13,000 barrels of water / day, water injection system of 15,000 b / d and gas injection system 18 million cubic feet / day. In particular, Dong mine own with 10 exploitation wells and 2 water injection wells, operators in both sediments and fractured basement.


Business manufacture and install wellhead platform and FPSO conversion are run by local contractors general contractor. In particular, the manufacturing and installation of wellhead platform 02 are contractors and contractors PTSC MC VietsoPetro implementation completed ahead of schedule out.


Expected peak production for the whole Lot 01-97 & 02-97 including two mines Thang Long - Dong Do will be around 16,000 barrels / day.


Output of oil extracted from mines cluster Thang Long - Dong Do will help ensure output for the whole industry in 2014 and the years to come. According to calculations, until the expiry PSC (2026) mines cluster Thang Long - Dong Do will operate a total of more than 40 million barrels of oil.


(Source: nangluongvietnam)